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Bark Infusions

The bark of trees and other plants are scarcely used in infusions today, though they are surprisingly beneficial. The herbal use of rough bark shards in teas and infusions originates from ancient, nearly forgotten medicinal tisanes that were used by some of the world’s earliest herbalists. These herbalists believed highly in the powerful health advantages that could be found in the crushed barks of plants and trees.

Throughout human history, bark has served a number of important purposes. This protective outermost layer of trees, shrubs and some vines has been used in construction, crafting, even as an emergency food source during the famine. Yet who would have suspected that you could also drink it? Crafted from powdered bark, these herbal infusions have been largely unknown outside the herbal world until recently, but today, they are available for anyone to enjoy all that bark infusions have to offer.

The Buddha Teas bark collection is comprised of bark from a variety of sources. Bark infusions are known for being earthy and mild in flavour, soothing and pleasant, but as with all infusions, each individual brew is sure to have its own distinct personality. Take the time to explore these bark infusions and discover their good qualities for yourself!