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Tea For Trees

Tea For Trees

At Buddha Teas, we’re always looking for ways we can have a positive impact on our world. We use only organic and wildcraft ingredients, never add anything artificial, and use recycled and biodegradable materials to make all of our boxes. Although we couldn’t do the same for our tea bags, we wanted to find a way to restore the paper resources we used.

That’s why we started the Tea for Trees campaign. As a partner of the National Forest Foundation’s “Trees for US” program, we help to plant 5000 trees each year across the country. Trees for US works with the U.S. Forest Service to determine where there has been a loss of forest cover because of natural events, so the trees they plant go where they’re most needed.

We at Buddha Teas feel very passionate about their efforts and are pleased to be able to offer support. With our Tea for Trees campaign, we endeavour to offset the use of paper in our tea bags and other aspects of our business, and leave our world a better place than when we started. Every tea you enjoy from Buddha Teas helps to bring us one step closer to that goal. We want to thank you, and everyone who’s ever had our teas, for making this possible.